Our Story.
Cutting – edge research

Our Story. Cutting-edge research

Founded in 2018, Hutano Diagnostics is committed to enabling accurate and timely disease prognosis, diagnosis and management. To extend the capabilities of LFDs, we have developed an innovative aptamer-based LFD platform which translates the latest proteomics research into multiplex LFDs. 

We’re driven by honest science and persistent innovation.

Our team members are our greatest assets

Our team members are our greatest assets

Atherton Mutombwera
Founder & CEO

Atherton is an expert in biotechnology commercialisation and aptamer-based bioassay development. He founded Hutano Diagnostics in 2018 after completing his Masters in Nanobiotechnology as a Mandela Rhodes Scholar and an MBA at Oxford University under the Weidenfeld Hoffman Trust Scholarship. Passionate about entrepreneurship, he has also co-developed the Weidenfeld Hoffmann Trust Enterprise Challenge and supported the development of the Africa Oxford Health Innovation Platform.

Abdessamad Tahiri-Alaoui

Abdou has over 25 years of experience combining research in protein folding, aptamer technology, RNA solution structure, viral translational control and GMP vaccine manufacturing and testing within the University of Oxford and the Pirbright Institute. He was the first to develop adaptamers as bifunctional synthetic RNA and to isolate aptamers specific to disease isoform of prion protein and that inhibit prion conversion. Prior to joining Hutano, he was the Head of the Quality Control department at the Clinical BioManufacturing Facility (CBF) Jenner Institute, University of Oxford, where he was part of the Oxford team behind the development, testing and the release of more than six vaccines for phase I and II clinical trials, including the first batches of COVID-19 vaccine

Our board members

Our board members

Dr Glenn Leighton
Chairman & Finance Lead

Glenn has over 20 years of experience in investment banking and financial services, with a proven track record in devising and executing financial and business growth strategies. He is also the Founder-CEO of Hydrophis, a carbon utilisation start-up and a non-executive board member of Circadian Therapeutics, a biotech which develops therapeutics for diseases associated with circadian rhythm disruption. He has a PhD in law from Oxford where he was a Rhodes Scholar, and undergraduate law degrees from universities in Japan and Australia. Glenn also has an MBA at Oxford University.

Professor William James
Science Lead

William is a Professor of Virology at the University of Oxford. He has extensive aptamer experience, leading a lab studying HIV-macrophage biology using aptamers and stem cells as major tools for research.

Dr Paul Abrahams
Regulatory Lead

Paul is an experienced healthcare entrepreneur, having co-founded and/or led several start-ups in the broad healthcare space. Currently, he is the CEO of Reacta Biotech, a company which develops GMP quality Oral Food Challenge diagnostic kits and the co-founder of VX Pharma, a fully integrated clinical research site. Prior to this, he has practiced as an emergency physician, obtained an MBA at Oxford University and worked in investment banking, health insurance and pharma logistics.

David Janeson
Fundraising Lead

David has been analysing investment opportunities and investing since 1998, previously working as an equity analyst with Investor’s Group, Canada’s largest mutual fund company at the time and currently leading Deltam Family Holdings Inc as the President. Since 2003, he has been an entrepreneur, co-founding companies and passively investing in technology and ESG.

Our company mission and vision

Our company mission and vision

Our mission is to be the bridge that translates ongoing innovation into smart medical solutions. Our vision is to shift the paradigm of health. 

Our experienced leadership team has a wealth of experience in aptamer technology, commercializing biotechnology solutions and in entrepreneurship.

Our company development roadmap

Our company development roadmap

December 2022

LFD Prototype

June 2023

LFD and companion app development complete

Begin recruiting for clinical trial

December 2023

Clinical trial complete

March 2024

Submit regulatory application

December 2024

LFD tech transfer

LFD Sales